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Ludum dare 40

Theme : The more you have, the worse it is.

Our answer : Light !

Explore this dark world, equipped with the Light to help you, but beware...

If you can see them, they can see you...

Game created in 72h, by a team composed of 

- 2 Programmers

-1 3D artist

-2 Game designers

-2 Composers

Bug fixes v1.1 / v1.2 :

The "name fix" dowload is not a different build, the "data" folder is juste now correctly named, so you can launch the game without renaming the folder.
We leave the build v1.1 (without the pretty custom icon) here, to prove their is no cheat ;)

Bug fixes v1.3 :

  • Sound mix : some of you complains about the ghost’s scream, we’ve made some adjustments to preserve your ear ;) also, some balancing with the dynamic of music and sound.
  • Escape on retry : you can now quit the game by pressing “Escape” when your are dead, and not only at the end. We are not monsters… :)

Bug fixes v1.4 :

  • Sound duplicated : our SoundManager was duplicating itself when the game is restarted, interesting canon but not intended :)


Build v1.rar 61 MB
The Darkest Light - Build v1.1.rar 61 MB
The Darkest Light v1.2 - name fix.rar 61 MB
The Darkest Light v1.3 - soundfix.rar 63 MB
The Darkest Light v1.4 - soundfix 63 MB

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