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2 dumb accidents and a wheelchair race?! Come on, people. Can you freakin’ wait 5 seconds without messing something up?!


Is this a fast paced card game? A simulation? A roguelike puzzle experience? With skill trees? Hell yeah, it’s everything and goshdangit I want it on my phone. I swear, this is one of the few games of LD that I’d really like to play even after the judging session is over. It’s just so good, addictive, and with so many decisions that truly make the player want to try different approaches.

I’m labelling it with the dreaded-yet-true easy to learn, hard to master motto. 3 runs in and I’m still on a 56% average. I’m going to get lawsuits up the wazoo, but in all fairness, if these people can’t make it through dumb accidents, wheelchair racing or freaking street fights (I lol’d), I’d say it’s more on natural selection than my poor prioritizing skills.

With great music and atmospheric visuals, this is quite an immersive game. Perhaps my favorite of the jam to date. I’ll be informing the rest of the Whales and Games team about it, with the idea that they’ll find it as engaging as I did. Kudos, and keep making greatness! whale